David Glukh Trumpet

International Trumpet Guild Journal
The music David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble creates is spontaneous and captivating. One can rarely hear something so new and refreshing ... The emotions they portray through their music are more then just moving; they make you feel the music with all your senses.

Norman Laster- Host of the 'Dialogue' WFDU 89.1 FM
Phenomenal Group! Bravo!

Mark Gould, Former Principal Trumpet of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra 1973-2003, Trumpet Professor- The Juilliard School.
The David Glukh Ensemble is one of the most unusual groups in recent memory. While the trumpet is certainly not out of the ordinary in klezmer music, the piccolo trumpet (pitched an octave above the regular B flat trumpet) extends the possibilities of this music dramatically. Glukh plays clarinet and violin parts with ease.  The new and distinctive timbre of a trumpet that has heretofore been used exclusively in baroque music, adds a dimension to klezmer that is unique and wonderful to hear. Bravo!

George Robinson- The Jewish Week
The playing has a precision and conciseness that is admirable.

Seth Rogovoy- Forward
As graduates of the Juilliard School, it's not surprising that the members of the David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble would boast the refined touch displayed on "Live! From New York." ... Glukh's piccolo trumpet is well-suited to playing cantorial-style melodies like "Sherele" and "Oi, Tate."



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